Past Collection - Necklace

I made 4 designs for the collection, the color palette came from lot of things. Food, holiday, love, books, all of my favorite things turned into a necklace..

~Sea Foam~
~Robust of Pink~
~English Garden~

Product Details
Material: Roses made from cotton fabric, metal cap for the satin rope and lobster clasp.
Total length: 57cm
Price: IDR 95,000
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'Single Rose' Necklace
SOLD OUT - email me for customized order
Material: Cotton fabric, chain, lobster clasp
Price: IDR 55,000
Available color: White(sold), Blushing Pink (SOLD), Navy Blue(sold)
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'Belle' Braided Necklace
Material: cotton yarn, gold plated cap, lobster clasp, love and good time (^_^)
Length: 57 cm
Price: IDR 75,000
Available color (as in order): Purple-Red, Pink-Green, Brown-Blue, Lemon lime
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'Pom - Pom Necklace'
Material: Cotton fabric, brass cap, metal chain, love and good time
Diameter: Approx. 7cm
Length : 70cm
Price: IDR 55,000
Available color: Purple

'Jane Necklace'
Material: Rope, brass cap, suede lace, fabric pom-pom, brass chain
Length:  approx. 70cm
Price:IDR 72,000

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