Tuesday, January 26

died and gone to crochet heaven

crochet accesories from cooler

how much exactly 50 euro in rupiah? (-_-)

oh wait! lovely posting from dreameshsomething in the way she took pictures that made them looked even lovelier :">,
thank you meshi!!!!


amesh said...

no no, it's all you! gak pake trik kamera whatsoever :)) nelll, jangan kau bosan padakuuu ;)

sibebo said...

neveeerrr :-D

fiona said...

hi Nella,
i adore this set of hairpin and necklace.

will you take an order now? love the white flower hairpin in your flickr stream. what are your prices for them?


Lia said...

Bagusss nel :) and I love your section on Spice! magz ;)