Wednesday, January 6

feast for the eye

hi! happy new year everyone!( a bit late am i ? hehe..) good year, that year 2009 :-)
come what may 2010!! office is still in the picture :-P but sibebo is going good..(thank you lovely friends!) that kept me sane and happy hehe..
one thing, i want to do some more drawing(thank you chia!) drawing's the one that started sibebo..never knew this will bring so much joy!
will leave you now with picture that bring smile in my face every morning -accesories and cup of coffee!
oh, and of course you omyadi :-*


Lia said...

those look delicious :D cakepppp

sibebo said...

huehee..delicious indeed :-)gak terlalu hebat kok koleksiku, tapi cukup menyenangkan hati (^_^)