Monday, February 1

on production

never i imagine that i would post something like this in my blog, truly overwhelming :">. But words must come out: sibebo is close now for customized item/orders Don't worry you ladies who has been in contact with me trough email previously, as you can see in the picture, i'm still very much workin on it
sorry for those who have waited for long time to get an owl or a necklace or a coaster :-( , they will come to your loving hands soon (^_^) *sorry agni, chia, marjorie, amesh!
i'm also focusing on preparing new collections for sibebo (woohoo!!). As for orders, I'm ready to accept them around March, when hopefully I already have great time management, so you don't get old for waiting hehe..
ms owl looks surprised, caught in camera not in her best look :-D


amesh said...

TIDAAAAAAAAAAAGKKHHHHHH, this can't be happening!!!

sibebo said...

@amesh: hanya tuk sementaraaaaaa (^o^), lagipula pesenanmu sudah tercatat kok sebelumnyaa :">hihiii

amesh said...

phewwww.. **bernapas lega :P