Wednesday, February 24

surreal: dreamlike; fantastic; out of ordinary (*0*)

oh this morning start just like ordinary day..arrived at the emails, dreamesh, lia's space( hehe..yes you two are my eye opener!) and open my daily (^_^)and suddenly I saw our red and white flag icon and our currency on the screen..wait that never happened before.., hastily i open the shipment info, and i found this!can you see it?click on the image to see it bigger, INDONESIA!! they shipped to our beloved country!! and the price are all converted to Indonesian Rupiah...hurray!! oh..oh my...expensivo huh?? huahahaaa..this still doesn't change the fact that i still can't afford most of the clothes, shoes and much everything else in the store :"> but the accesories..a girl can still dream right (^_^)
i want thisand thisoh, its way over my budget ( not that i have a budget :-P)..may be i should make one!hihi..
ah.. i have a feeling this gonna be a good day (^_^)

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amesh said...

wooooooooooooow! good news! will be ordering that knob i was eyeing hihi.. thanks nell!