Monday, March 1

fresh flower in the shop :">

white, grey, rose bouquet
pink, blue, canary yellow bouquet
pink, white, canary yellow bouquet
blue,turqoise, grey rose bouquet
product details:
all of the roses are handmade by me.
each of roses are unique, created in dreamy and joyful environment (^_^)
approx. 7cm in measures
Price: 50K
metal pin on the back
pin it in your cardi..your plain black t shirt..and see them bloom :">limited stock..hurry catch you bouquet! email me on


なおみ said...

aawww ... aku mau yang grey-pink-white ... aku pesen satu ya .... thank you ... (^.^)

designer said...

Hi Nella :)

masih ada ga mawarnya?
aku mauuuuu...


Anonymous said...

cakep banged mawarnyaa...

masi ada ga yg grey-pink-white?

sibebo said...

@ina, @nyonyakecil:
halooo..sorii..bunganya sudah gak ada yg ready stock :-( but if you really interested,i can make another one, but give me 2 weeks ya me if you really interested ya ..thank youuuuu