Saturday, May 29

let there be flowers!

new collection of flower is out of the bag!' the blossom collection'each of them is cut and sew by me in blissful environment (^_^)
made from 100% cotton fabric, all flowers are backed with both hair clip and pin, so you can easily plant them in your fave purseon your casual dress..heck, put on 3 blossoms for extra glam!or pin it to your hair for instant hair is a mess, so i clip it on to my beautiful (over confidence) niece hehe..isn't she's sweet??

grab them lovelies in my shop, as usual, limited stocks..hurry!
*update: ooopss...the flowers are all sold out! thank you ladiesss (^_^) , but if you would be interested in a custom design similar to this, type me an email and we'll talk! huehee..thank youu!


amesh said...

aku pesaaaaan nellll.. itu satu paket dapet 3?
sama aku pesen crochet yang kayak kemaren 10 lagi yaaaa.. maacihhhh

ideku handmade said...

lovely!! :)

lisa prihutami said...

mbak bagus banget... pengen pesen caranya gimana?