Sunday, August 1

not quite ready for monday (-_-)

But that's no reason for showing up looking bad, after all i've got a lot to smiled for this last weekend (^_^).
I build this set of wardrobe based on stripey blossom collection, yes it's new addition to the shop (^_^)
- kimono wrap top from cotton ink
- dark navy blazer (mom's wardrobe)
- stripey blossom pin from sibebo shop
- crop pants, i wore it since weekend and still don't want to part yet (from some FO :-P)
- mary jane flats from petite cupcakes

Monday..bring it on!!!!!
oh wait...lemme finish my second cup of coffee (-_-)


lauren carney said...

hello lovely one!
i'm swooning over your fanciful pictures and am simply delighted by your blog!
thank-you for such splendid posts! xa

Kelly said...

Great collection, so excited to find your pretty blog!