Thursday, March 24

Pretty storage box

Found this tutorial to make origami box with cover, I follow all the instruction to the end and unfold all the steps of the box cover. The plan is to cover the box cover with fabric, so I cut
some fabric measured about 2cm wider than the cover.
Fold the edge of fabric around the box cover, and hold it with tape (I'm lazy like that :"P )
Now fold it again following the crease that has been created previously:
Glue some pretty lace/ribbon to cute things up
Aa..loving the result (^_^) I love boxes!


designer said...

so pretty!
tfs ^^

regina said...

Aa! lovey the result too, mao bikin jugak:D thanks 4 the idea:)

ndutyke said...

waaaaow.. :O
biasanya aku paling payah klo sudah harus membaca manual guide atau melihat foto2 tutorial. tp setelah mengunjungi the link given above, nampaknya sih masih bisa terjangkau oleh kemampuan origami-ku yg sangat minim ini, hehehe...

thx for sharing, mbak nella (^_^)

Belinda Regina said...

patut di coba .. ada banyak bahan sisa di workshop :P
makasiii mbak nella

salam manis - myurbey