Monday, May 30

Inside the factory

Hello! Lately i've been busy stocking up some items to participate on upcoming bazaar. But trust me to do everything on last minutes (*_*) the bazaar is going to be held this weekend and now I'm starting to panicked! Oh far i've finished some necklaces and blossom pins and luckily sibebo is together with 5 other brands in one booth hehe..
The bazaar will be held on La Piazza Kelapa Gading this weekend; 3-5 June 2011. Start on 12 o clock till drop hehe..the bazaar is part of MTV VJ Hunt event. Oh, almost forgot, sibebo is part of (tiny part hehe..) TOMEI booth. Please do visit us lovely friends.
Now excuse me, my TO DO list is waiting (^_^)



Cici Tasia said...

Mba Nella Sepertinga aku ga bisa dateng di bazar Lapiazza, mau keluar kota.. :(
Paahal pengen banget ketemu empunya_SIBEBO

dePerta said...

ah..yang green necklace cantik banget

salam kenal

visit me if u dont mind :D