Friday, May 20


My family decided to move from our old house, we feel the house is to big for just 3 do you packed 20 years of life? Apparently with lots lots of boxes :-PBack when we're packing our stuff, lots lots lots of stuff (*0*) one question come to my mind,
How many things do we really need in life? So many forgotten things, things we don't need, thing we cannot even remember having it..i felt sick suddenly..cause when I come to realize that things that we do need is not really that much (-_-)

Now that I move in into our own house, I want to keep that in mind, only to bring stuff that really useful, no more impulsive buying, no 'O, this is cute!' kind of stuff..and throw or give things that we no longer need to others, always reviewing our belongings..phewww..those mountains of boxes really gives me nightmares..

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