Friday, July 1

Little Gentleman

When I was asked to put some of my stuff on the newly open 'MIMA'S CLOSET' at PLAYPARQ, my friend told me to made accessories for kids only and she mentioned "Please don't forget about the boys, they always left out when it comes to accessories". Yes, I never think of that, poor boys..*hugs*
So I try to come up with this ideas, Bow Ties for your little man (^_^)I put on black elastic band so it's very easy to use *seperti dasi anak SD hehe..*
Bet the boys look more handsome! Too bad I don't have nephews..girls rule in my family :-)
sibebo Bow Ties available on 'MIMA'S CLOSET' at Playparq Kemang Timur no 72, they will have soft opening this Sunday, July 3rd, come visit (^_^)


Anonymous said...

Abang Fari bisa jadi modelnya utk bow tie ini.
Boleh ya auntie Nella..

Anonymous said...

@pima:piiiiimmmm ya ampuunn bagaimana aku bs lupa sm 2 cowok ganteng itu yaa :-D ayoo kita foto-fotooo