Friday, March 9

Hello March!

My favorite month of the year! I'm a Pisces, so i swim happily on March hehe..
Introducing sibebo new necklace creation, 'Trio pom-pom necklace'
Cotton rope, L: 124cm
Gold brass cap
Fabric pom-pom
Price: IDR 95,000
This necklace is self tied, so you can always adjust the length .
Available in 3 colors: khaki, black and purpleSend me an email if this pom-pom catch your heart :-)



regina said...

i'm a pisces tooo!!! tosss sama nella^^ ur pom2 are soooo cute!!!

Cantingku said...

nice blog...
very creative...:)
i'm following you..
i hope you will visit me back... :)

Rohayatun Fatonah said...

Wow! You are so creative! :)

outbound malang said...

may god always give the best to you .. :)