Friday, May 25

DIY Loop Bracelet

Drooling over new bracelets collection on Anthropologie,I made poor attempt to make my version of this knot braceletMaterials needed:- elastic rope
- big ring and small ring in gold color
- standard pliers

I'm no good in writing instructions, but I guess the final result can give you the clue, cause it's that simple :-)

There you go, loop bracelets in two colors to add more fun on your weekend!
oh wait..another one! I can do this all day :-P


e. n. i said...

like this...cute..

Amelia said...

love it and awesome!
gonna try to make this very soon :))

Gricia (Cia) said...

aku mau yang merah itu buatanmu bukan? kalau bukan mau dong mba dibuatin versi warna merah =)