Tuesday, June 26

Trying my luck on online shop

Hello lovely friends! I just learned about this site, and decided to start a shop! First, i got a bit confused and I'm still learning right now hehe..
The main goal of the shop is to make me more productive :-P and to give you quick information about ready stock items, so you lovely friends can visit my shop and dont forget to read 'Cara Pemesanan' for order.

The thing is, the program of the shop is originated overseas, so I have to put the price is USD, but I take my chances cause i have been receiving some inquiries from other country. I asked around and do some research about pricing and shipping. One can only dream hehe..

I've only put few of items now, but i hope i can keep posting for new products, I'm trying not to be lazy here, well that is the main goal :-P

Oke that's it for now, do visit my shop on your spare time!



Jamie Viggiano said...

What I love about your online shop is its pleasing visual appeal. Did you develop it by yourself? The use of light colors really makes the site more inviting and welcoming. By the way, great items! =)

Kristofer Mcginty said...

Do you happen to have bow-ties for men? I like the designs I saw from your website, but it would look great on my girlfriend instead of me. Speaking of your website, you should definitely update it. If you have new and upcoming category, you should inform your viewers about it. That way, they would have all the more reasons to visit your website more often.

Kristofer Mcginty

Lesli Dyson said...

I dropped by your site, and I should commend you on your online shop. It's simple, clean, but still fun and playful at the same time. About your products, I love its quirkiness and it's very fashionably appeal. Congratulations on your shop! I hope that it'll gain you more income and profit!