Saturday, August 3

Sunday Crafting - Crocheted Bamboo box

Today i like to post a very simple tutorial, not really good with words, hopefully the pictures will make up for that :-)

- Bamboo box ( can be found in traditional market)
- Yarn
- Crochet needle
- Big needle to make a hole in the box (not really sure what is called :-P)

 How to:
- Take the top part of the box, and measure around 1cm all around the edge of the box and give mark.
- Make a hole on the mark, so now you have hole 1cm apart around the edge of the box.
 - Slide in the yarn trough the hole and start to crochet with 3 single stitch apart each hole.
 - Keep moving :-)
- This is how it looked when you finished crocheting all around the edge.
 You can use it for a sweet gift box!
 Or just flip around and turn it into sweet storage basket for your craft material
 Or to keep your nice things tidy, things do looked more sweet in a tray/box.
 Hope you enjoy the tutorial!


regina said...

cantik bangetttttt!!!

Anonymous said...

i never thought that this Bamboo box will be this beautiful~ uwaahh~ :D