Sunday, October 20

Peony Fabric Flower

Hello! Its been a while since the last post. I've got caught up with Instagram, it's so easy! (kemane aje nel..) but this blog waiting patiently for me, so here goes.

Peony Fabric flower, new fabric flower from sibebo, I've tried some patterns, cutting lot of fabrics and try to find how to sew the flower so it can bloom nicely, I can say I'm liking the results.
The fabric flower is backed with pin and hairclip, so you can pin it to your simple bun to add romantic effect on your hair.
Pardon my messy hair!
Or you can pin it to your top, jacket, dress or maybe clutch to make you look glamorous.
'Peony  pin and hairclip'
Diameter: 10cm approx.
Price: IDR 45,000
Available in: purple,fuschia, soft pink,classic grey,yellow
For custom order or special color please email me at 


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