Sunday, December 15

Holiday DIY: Gift label

Back with tutorial :-)
Holiday DIY: Golden Gift Label
  Give gold touch to your gift for you loved one. Materials needed:
1. Circle name label (available on bookshop)
2. Poster color in gold color
3. Paint brush
4. Mechanical pencil or anything with pointy/ sharp end.

How to:
 Paint the circle label with gold poster color, do couple layers of paint to the label
 Immediately draw shape on the wet paint with pointy shape tools (I use tip of the mechanical pencil)
Here I draw simple shape of snowflake, don't worry about messy paint, create some texture.
   You can do many different shape or word as long as the paint is still wet, creating an emboss effect. Wait until its completely dry.
 Stick the label on your package, gift add some ribbon for extra sweetness.

 Hope you like the tutorial :-) 
Happy Holiday!

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