Sunday, February 2

Sibebo Roses - A Girls can dream

I can't stop sketching this roses, so much fun! Keep comes up with new style and color.
Than I scanned my original drawing and print them.

 The plan is to create fabric with my roses pattern and turn into cushion cover, pouch, teatowel, placemat...a girl can dream ;-)
sibebo roses pattern - silk screen
Finally! My own designed fabric, sibebo roses pattern fabric! My heart burst with joy looking at this, i hope you like it too.

Cant wait for Tobucil Crafty Days 8, where I will launch new product of sibebo. Please follow my instagram @sibebo for more update news and info.


Anonymous said...

Amazing :D this is the thing I looking for all this time.. Do you use ordinary printer that usually be used to print on paper? Do you just put the fabric directly into printer? :D Thanks a lot sist..

Mayang Widiaswara said...

waaw bagus mba...mau bgt kalau ada versi hijab nya ;)

Ratna said...

Dear Mba,
Salam kenal.
Bisa sharing japri untuk printing gambarnya di atas kain?
Drop me an email at
Terima kasih