Friday, April 4

Stripped Bamboo Box - Weekend DIY

Heloooo, here's a fun DIY for you to do on this weekend.
' Stripped bamboo box'

-Bamboo box ( 'besek' kalo orang-orang bilang sih ;-)
-Paper tape
-Acrylic Paint, here i use Martha Stewart craft paint because the color is just too cute.

How to:
1. Put paper tape on your bamboo box to create pattern. Here i put the tape diagonal way to make stripped pattern, but you can make any pattern you want.

2. Paint the bamboo space that hasn't been covered by tape.

3. After you finish painting all the space, wait couple a minutes to let the paint dry. Then slowly peel the paper tape (my favorite step).

4. Now your pretty bamboo box is ready!
Try it in different color and pattern
You can use it as a pretty gift box by adding colorful twine and paper flower.

 Happy crafting!



Tasya said...

cantikkk banget hasilnya mba nella...

dyah said...

beli acrylic paint martha stewart-nya dimana?

sibebo said...

@dyah halo belinya di Toko stationary Staples deket rumah hehe di Gading Serpong

regina said...

nellaaa kamu tinggalnya dimana??? jangan2 rumah kita deketan ya? aku tinggalnya di gading serpong, aku juga suka ke staples... hihihii

Resa anag reggae said...

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