Friday, April 4

Weekend Wishlist

My kind of weekend is stay at home weekend. Waking up late, long breakfast, rearrange the furniture shopping. Ah..the comfort of shopping from your couch at the living room, such joy! This weekend I want to build an outfit that is suitable for this upcoming hot season. The sun shine a little too bright these days. One of my of my fave online shop is of course . You can find almost anything here, from flat shoes to home accessories.
Here is my wishlist for this weekend:
1. EZRA Organza Sleeve Shift Dress
2. EZRA Canvas Shoes Tote
3. EZRA Polkadot Pointed Flats
4. Mango Combi Bracelet Sets
5. River Island Daisy Bracelet

Have a lovely weekend!


Stripped Bamboo Box - Weekend DIY

Heloooo, here's a fun DIY for you to do on this weekend.
' Stripped bamboo box'

-Bamboo box ( 'besek' kalo orang-orang bilang sih ;-)
-Paper tape
-Acrylic Paint, here i use Martha Stewart craft paint because the color is just too cute.

How to:
1. Put paper tape on your bamboo box to create pattern. Here i put the tape diagonal way to make stripped pattern, but you can make any pattern you want.

2. Paint the bamboo space that hasn't been covered by tape.

3. After you finish painting all the space, wait couple a minutes to let the paint dry. Then slowly peel the paper tape (my favorite step).

4. Now your pretty bamboo box is ready!
Try it in different color and pattern
You can use it as a pretty gift box by adding colorful twine and paper flower.

 Happy crafting!


Friday, March 7

Ships Ahoy!

New collection of sibebo bowties for boys

'Anchor Collection'

Red and Blue Anchor

Material: Cotton
Size: 2-7 yo ( with adjustable strap)
Ready Stock

Black and White Anchor
Material: Cotton
Size: 2-7 yo ( with adjustable strap)
Ready Stock
The bowties are handmade and in limited quantity.
We also accept customized bowtie for Adult or newborn
Please contact us for info/order
WA/SMS: 081293579816

Saying I do

My favorite project is always about weddings.<3 p="">Here are some of customized  orders by sibebo for wedding projects.

Wedding Souvenirs
Infinity Bracelet

Flower pin

Bride and Brides Maid Accessories

Big Flower Pin

Headpiece for the bride

Roses Sash Belt
Bowtie for the Groom and Bestmen

Headpiece for the bride
Every project is special and done with great care and details.
We honored to be part of your special day.

For info about wedding souvenirs and customized wedding accesories
WA/SMS: 081293579816 

Do follow our instagram account: @sibebo


Tuesday, February 18

Sibebo at KOLONI 108 - Ciumbeuluit 108 Bandung

Helooo, sibebo collection now available offline at the cutest place called KOLONI 108, located at Ciumbuleuit 108 Bandung. Funny story behind this is I stayed here at Ciumbeluit 108 when I was a college student in Bandung. How sweet fate bring me back to this place full of fun memories. Now I hope I make new sweet memories in this place through sibebo, love love loveee
Cute mural by Gigi Panjang
Cool decor
sibebo cushion!
Friendship Bracelets
More Bracelets!

More roses!
You have to visit this place for an overdose of cuteness.


Sibebo Roses Kitchen Collection

Another collection taken from my original drawing, now in Placemat and Tea Towel

Olive Placemat size 45x30cm

 Silk screen printed on canvas
Color: Dark Olive, Light Blue and Orange
Price: IDR 60,000/pcs


Silk Screen printed on cotton fabric
Size: 50x60cm
Color: Light Blue, Yellow and orange
Price: IDR 60,000

Place your order throuh email: or WA 081293579816


Monday, February 17

Sibebo Roses Cushion Collection

They're ready! My original drawing applied into cushion in 3 colors.
sibebo roses cushion collection
Silk Screen Printed on Cotton Fabric
Size 35x35cm
Price: IDR 85,000 cover only and IDR 105,000 with insert
 Available in 3 colors

Place your order through email: or WA 081293579816
Limited Stock


Crafty Days #8 Tobucil Report - Bandung 8-9 February 2014

Bandung lg dingin..ujan rintik rintik, Gedung Indonesia Menggugat romantis sekali, jendela besar - besar. Nice natural light. Teman - teman baru yang baik dan super berbakat. Aah..pokoknya senang sekali ikut event ini, ga berasa kerja, seperti liburan weekend ke Bandung aja. Kudos to Tobucil for this cool event!
Ini beberapa foto yg sempet diambil sewaktu event kemarin, enjoy! ( i know i do :-))
sibebo booth
the crowd
At Wood YK booth
sibebo display
 My fave picture from the event, jualan sambil dihibur oleh duo tetangga pak gesang

Mudah-mudah tahun depan bisa lulus seleksi Crafty Days Tobucil lagi yaaa

Sunday, February 2

Sibebo Roses - A Girls can dream

I can't stop sketching this roses, so much fun! Keep comes up with new style and color.
Than I scanned my original drawing and print them.

 The plan is to create fabric with my roses pattern and turn into cushion cover, pouch, teatowel, placemat...a girl can dream ;-)
sibebo roses pattern - silk screen
Finally! My own designed fabric, sibebo roses pattern fabric! My heart burst with joy looking at this, i hope you like it too.

Cant wait for Tobucil Crafty Days 8, where I will launch new product of sibebo. Please follow my instagram @sibebo for more update news and info.

Back to My Old Flame

I start this new year with the gift of time. I decided to go all the way with sibebo. I quit teaching, bit sad, and bravely embrace to work on my own (baca: nekat). Now in the morning i can do what I once loved to do (besides drinking coffee) watercolor painting.
I was thinking a lot about sibebo, i need some identification, specialization, not just random items that i like to do on my spare time. And I turn to my roses, they are the first thing I draw.

I got big plans for these roses ;-)