Thursday, December 17

Hold on..this is going to be long..

Finishing up orders is still overwhelming for me, thank you thank you lovely friends (^_^)

Recently I come to realize that i don't come up with something new much, i'm too occupied finish up orders..and when those new ideas start to bundling up, i faced with dilemma to finishing orders or to create the new lovely ideas..then the work become overlapped and some deadlines didn't meet (sorry sorry ladies :"> ) so i came up with a decision (whoaa..sounds very adult of me :-P) i will put new creation from now on (for i dont know how long hehe..i'm not good with decision :">) I will be featuring and provide ready stock goodies for sibebo, all in the glory of handmade and pure love hehe..and you lovely ladies wont have to wait long to get all de goodies (^_^) As for orders and special request, I will still try to take them, but we need a loooong talk before hehee..There, I said it..pheew!! I'm going to leave you now with the sneak peek of newest collection of sibebo, details will come in the next post, see you there!

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