Thursday, December 17

growing roses in your head

who can resist that?? (^_^) check this lovely roses hair pin collection ..(ciee ciee anggie :"> thank you luv!)

each of roses are cut, sew, glued personally by me, hand made from cotton fabric and stainless steel hair clip, come in 4 different tones of color each set
grey tone
sunny yellowturquoise blaze

dusty rose

all sold in value of 40K each set (2pcs of hairpin/set), the stocks are limited , so hurry come get
your roses and grow them in your hair (^_^) just an email away (

the roses get tired off posing straight for the photo shoot, so they went slouching around and gossiping on their own :-D


amesh said...

NELLA AKU MAOOOO! warna gak bole dimix-match ya?? eh i see you have tried poladroid, oke yaaaa?

sibebo said...

prameshwariiii hihihi..mao yang manaaa, iya tak bisa mix and match, warnanya udah aku pasang-pasangin dan stoknya mepet hehe..hei, gudlak on the bazzar yaaa!!

tealovecoffee said...

soooo cuuuuteeee >o<

sibebo said...

@tealovecofee: thank you thank youuu (^_^)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Aku udah email tp belum dpt jawaban mungkin masuk spam ya?
Pls email tjong13 at yahoo dot com

Thanks yaaaaa


sibebo said...

@chia: halooooo...thank you (^_^) aku sudah terima email dari mu dan sudah kubalas (thank you for the nice comments) nanti di check ya..ato hubungi aja di 0817733104, thank you!