Tuesday, December 22

lovely winter grey

if you can check my wardrobe (dont, its disatrous x-P) grey is dominating the place, so its only natural i'll create something that would compliment those grey outfit. There she is ..
(another) flower brooch adorned with crochet leaf..i luv it luv it! see how this beauty can help cheer some ( sometimes boring) grey outfit up

basic working blazer
old grey cardigan (especially for this rainy season! brrrrr...)
my all time fave, basic grey t shirt!
isn't cute? no, i dont wear hat, i just thought this is super nice :-P
this lovey brooch are available now in sibebo shop( hey, do i have a shop?? :">)
valued 45K, limited! each flower is hand embroidered with 'sb' initials (dont look like an 'sb' you say? hey, i tried huahak!)
just an email away: nellamareti@gmail.com
*outfits image are from here, no..not from my wardrobe sigh..

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