Thursday, June 24

i heart local handmade!!

I was about to put my new note book from Tarlen into my bag when I realise something, my bag is filled with lovely things from great Indonesian crafters!!!(^_^)(click on the picture to see it bigger)
bag organiser: kinanti
cosmetic pouch: berries
wallet: sawo kecik
notebook: design by vitarlenology
body mist: Dewi Sri Spa ( it's not handmade, but it's local hehe..)

I considered myself lucky :"> each item is unique and 'pas di hati' (^_^)
mm..let see...what should i buy next.....hehe...


SawoKecik said...

aww ... dirimu masih pake' dompet dari aku ...senaaang ... (^.^) ... ayo kita terus pakai product handmade!!

vitarlenology said...

terima kasih ya sudah mengapresiasi karyaku.. :)