Friday, June 18

Great catch

My best friend Asih, texted me the other day: "the bag that you want is now 50% sale!!", i'm not wasting any time, headed to CENTRO with one focus only, the crowds seemed blur to me except the bag. Actually the bag is exactly the same with Asih's bag (oh, do check her blog, major beauties!) but since when we have problem with identical stuffs hehe! Got the bag with GOOD price. Allow me to show off this beauties :">the bag shape is very basic, which i like, the rich dark brown color gave a nice palette to any colorful adornments.the flower is similar with my blossom collections, only bigger and have zig-zag detail (love it!), hopefully will be available in my shop soon (^_^). Not very succesful with the pom-pom, but love the color :">

1 comment:

angki said...

beruntung sekali! beruntung dapet 50% dan beruntung ada informer :))