Tuesday, February 22

It's never enough, really..

So there I was, thinking that I'll be posting blog all day, writing page after page, pouring all odds and bits of the creation process..not really happening. Who knew working with kids, even part time, would required such energy hehe...who knew unemployment would be this packed..oh but I'm enjoying every minutes of it, don't get me wrong..I love the fact that i could chat with my mom while I'm fully awake and not like before, at the end of my day :-(
I love talking with my sister..love playing with my niece all day..oh and how i love being with the children from the preschool (^_^).
On the other hand, sibebo is not running fast as I expected hoho.. my plan was to launch new collection for spring 2011 this February, but here I am still finishing orders from month of January hehe..I'm a bit down by this fact actually..but I know I'll get there..just need more time to get used to with this many amount of free time :-)
I manage to take picture of some works I've done last week, not much really :">
Pom-pom necklace with brass cap
White lotus, still really new, even the pattern still not fix, but jeng Amesh took a chance of it hehe..Do you like it?Sneak peek of sibebo new Spring 2011 collection that I've been working on..yes, Pom-poms!
Not much crocheting lately, but love it still, look at those colors, the textures.. I can eat them :-)

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