Wednesday, June 22

This kind of day..

The house is empty, just me and the tv (^_^) Catching up Parenthood *aduuu anak remaja tuh rumit bgt yaaa*, How I Met Your Mother, Oprah *kok masih ada ya? bukannya udah good bye* three sitcoms..jar of crackers hehe.. while finishing some necklaces..nice day indeed!

Some picture of single rose necklace:I've been trying to post some picture and more detail info to the 'Necklace' page but failed :-( I dont know whether the system's down or I just forget how :-P if you have questions bout this necklace just email me at
*update: check detail info on the 'Shop Necklace' above, have a nice day!


phee.peet said...

Ini berapa mba utk kalung single rosenya??ready stock ato made by order??

sibebo said...

@phee.peet: haloo kalung ini sudah sold out semua, kalo berminat bisa sy bikinin lag :-)email aja ke ato id yahoo: nellamareti